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Lazybones by Ben Eyler

When I was a young boy,
I just stayed on my bed,
I wouldn't stand in the window,
I just laid there instead,
my momma took me to the doctor,
and put me on my back,
I fell asleep on the table,
the dock gave me a whack,
said this boy is just lazy,
call him lazybones,
when the teacher called recess,
the other kids ran around,
they played ring-a-round-the-rosie,
but I was already down,
the other kids, they didn't like me,
they didn't know what to think,
they were smoking in the toilet,
while I was sleeping in the sink,
they started calling me lazy,
called me lazybones,

I left home when I was eighteen,
times got tough,
I sang in the subway,
they tossed change into my cup,
I was sleeping in a train car,
when a cop came in,
he woke me up with his nightstick,
he poked me on the chin,
started hollering lazy,
hollering lazybones

well I sleep with my hat down,
so you won't see my eyes,
well the world is my pillow,
but they don't realize,
that maybe I'm lazy,
that's my truoble with life,
but I think I'm just lonesome,
now I sleep in the jailhouse,
with my back against the wall,
they take me out to the courtyard,
I can't stand it at all,
the other prisoners holler,
the other prisoners pray,
me I got what I wanted,
I sleep it all away,
you can call me lazy,
call me lazybones,
you can call me lazy,
call me lazybones,
call me anything you like.