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So, Trina, with your new job, you travel a lot,
where do you stay when you you're traveling?

I stay in hotels.
How do you like that?
I like it. It depends on the hotel though. Some of the hotels we stay
in are very, very nice and some of the hotels we stay in are not so nice.
Mm, tell me about the ones that are not so nice.
Mm, the ones that are not so nice, generally they're
just a little bit more messy than the nicer hotels we stay at,
so front desk is a little disorganized. The rooms aren't as nice.
They aren't as fancy, they aren't as pretty, but they're nice.
So what do you look for in a good hotel?
A comfortable bed, down comforter, English speaking TV, and a bathroom.


A bathroom in your room you mean?
Have you ever stayed in a hotel that didn't have the bathroom in your room?
No, not yet.
OK, well you might some day, and it is nice to have one inside your hotel.
Is there anything you ever like to take from the hotels?

Yes, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hairbrush, that's about it.
OK, well that's good. Those are all the things you are meant to take away.
Have you ever found that you really like a shampoo, or soap or something
that you found at a hotel?

Yes, several times, but sometimes you can't never find it again.
Ah, that's a good point.