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So, Trina, Monday is Valentine's day. Are you excited?
That was a pretty direct answer. Why are you not excited?
It's a holiday.

It's a holiday for people that have other people.
So, you're not happy because you don't have other people?
I have other people. I have my sister and my mom and my
dad and my friends, but Valentine's day is more of a holiday
for people that have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or a wife, or
a husband, or children as opposed to being a single person
with nobody to share it with.
But could you share it with your sister, or your mother,
or your father?

I could. I could, and we do. We send each other gifts. We,
well this year, I won't be with anybody, but I get to
celebrate it with my sister this weekend.
Well, that sounds fun.
It is.
So what kinds of things have you done on Valentines
day in the past?

Ah, gone out to dinner, gone to a movie, had dinner
at my parents house, had dinner at my grandparent's house.
That's interesting. Why your grandparent's house?
It was their wedding anniversary.
Wow! That's a great day to have a wedding anniversary.
It is and it was a lot of fun. I got to spend some of their last
few years together having dinner with them.
Ah, that sounds lovely. So are you looking forward to
maybe having a Valentine next year?

Maybe! We'll, see.