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So, Marion, do you like to play sports?
Ah, I don't play sports at the moment,
cause I don't really have the time, or
it feels like I don't have time. It's been
a long time since I did sports regularly.
Yeah, me too, but I love sports. I love to
watch sports on TV.

Mm-hm. But that's not really taking part in
sports is it? It's not the same. That just
means that you like TV.
No, I don't like TV. I like watching sports
on TV. There's a big difference.

OK, so, what kind of sports do you like
watching on TV?
Well, I think you know, baseball.
But of course. (Yeah) Anything else?
Ah, no anything, pretty much basketball, baseball,
actually the only things, I watch anything but
there are sports I really dislike.

Hmm, like what, for example?
Ice-skating. I hate ice-skating. It's torture. Like I can't watch...
The girls doing their piruettes and stuff like that?
Oh, yeah, plus.
Figure skating, is that what you mean?
Yeah, yeah, so when you watch it you think,
"they're gonna fall, they're gonna fall, and they've
got the music on in the background, and they're
going around really fast, and then maybe you like
one of the skaters, and then you're nervous cause
you think, she's gonna fall, or he's gonna fall,
and, uh, yeah, I mean they're terrific athletes,
but to me that's not a sport, that's an art, it
should be like dancing or ballet, like they don't put
ballet on the sports network
(no) so they should not
put ice-skating on the sports network, either.

OK, I see where you're coming from, but I think if
you watch a race like say the 100 meters, or something
like that, you might also be nervous and afraid that one
of them is going to fall, if you have that kind of
investment in somebody.
Yeah, I don't think so. (No!) and I mean maybe
it's just me but, yeah!
If you've got and American runner, which you usually do,
in the 100 meters, do you not feel really nervous for them?
Naw, cause I know they're gonna win. No just kidding!
Actually, they haven't been winning lately, recently,
but, yeah, I guess a little bit, maybe the hurdles. You
fell that way about the hurdles, a little bit.

So, but do you like watching ice-skating?
Um, I don't mind, but I do find it a bit boring after awhile, really.
Yeah! Yeah!
I find, to be honest I find most sports boring to watch after a certain
length of time. An hour and a half is about my limit. I like
watching soccer, but soccer is always changing so, I don't
find that a chore to watch but everything else really,
an hour and a half an I'm done.
Well, I guess that's better.