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Hi, I'm Mike and this is my daily routine.
I get up early every day, around 6:30 and
I go to the gym for a work-out before I
go to work. I usually do aerobic exercise
for awhile and then do some weight lifting
for maybe half an hour at the gym, then
I'll return home, and as I work from my home,
I turn on my computer and start working on
what needs to be done. I usually skip
breakfast and I'll work until about 12:00 then
I'll prepare lunch and have a fairly big lunch


because I don't eat breakfast. Then after
lunch, I'll go back, continue working on
Internet or whatever I have to do for work,
until about 6:00 when I usually start getting
phone calls from friends of mine who live
abroad and then in the evenings if I'm not
using my time doing things with the Internet
or surfing the web, then I'm speaking to
people on the Internet or on my phone and
that pretty much sums up my usual daily