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Mike, you were born in Croatia.
That's right.
Now you told me an interesting story about the necktie.
Can you explain where the necktie came from?

Well, my understanding is that the necktie originated from Croatia.
Originally, several hundred years ago, when the Croatians went
into battle they would have a scarf or a handkerchief that protected
their necks when they went into battle, and when they fought, and
what they started doing was wearing this scarf or this handkerchief
around their neck almost as an accessory and they wore this in
the 17th, I believe it was 18th century maybe, or 17th century.


They went to visit Louis the 14th in France on some sort of official
visit, a delegation of Croatians, that rhymes, and they wore their
handkerchiefs, and apparently Louis the 14th was so impressed
and thought is was such a cool looking accessory that he adopted
it as a fashion item for the French and it became the necktie, and
the French word for necktie comes from the French word for
Croatian, which is "cravate", so the cravate origin is from the
Croatian. That's the story as far as I know it.
Wow, so today people wear neckties because of Croatia?
Because of Croatians and that doesn't make me feel any better
because I hate wearing a necktie, but I guess I can't change