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Now, Mike, you lived in New York City. (Hm-mm)
That's really, really cool. I think New York's a fantastic
city. I've never lived there, but I visited New York
many times. What was it like living in New York City?

Uh, like you said, there's a lot of cool things to do
and see in New York. One big difference, when
you’re living there, compared to when you’re
visiting there, is that you start to feel like a New
Yorker does, and it changes your sort of view
point of the city and things to do there. Within the
city, there's a lot of different, interesting places,
and things to do, and of course, when you live there,
you find out about more places that you normally
wouldn't, either wouldn't know about or wouldn't
have time to see if you were just visiting for a few days.
What did you do in New York city?
Well, I was there during the height of the internet boom,
so I was working for an internet based company that was
doing broadband web casting.I won't go into details,
but there was just an internet related company, and
so I lived in Midtown Manhattan in an expensive
apartment, with a few friends and it...
Oh, you had roommates?
Yes, I had three roommates, none of whom were
from New York, which is very common in New York,
I think. It's a city of people who come from elsewhere
to live in and the people from New York tend to,
I think, sound and act a bit differently than the rest.

What was your favorite part of New York City?
Well, as you may know, New York is divided into
several sectors, and I'll stick to Manhattan though,
one of the main boroughs in New York is Manhattan.
In that borough, it's divided into several sections,
several areas. One of my favorite was Greenwich
Village, and in that area there's a lot of interesting clubs
and bars and right next to there, in another area called
the Bowery, which is right next to Greenwich Village
there are some sort of old icons and places that I'd
known from back in the seventies, that were sort of
where Punk Rock started, for example, ah, those
kind of places, were there.
You like Punk music?
Yeah, I do. I'm a big fan. Old guy that I am. Yes.
Oh, that's cool. Um, could you ever live in
New York City again?

Absolutely. I would live in New York, but, again
it's an expensive city to live in and I think it's a very
competitive city, and, yeah, if I had, if I had the opportunity
I'd definitely live there again. I wouldn't settle in New York,
but I'd definitely live there for awhile.
Mm, oh, cool. Thanks, Mike.