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Oh, Simon, I see you have today's paper.
Yes, I read the paper every day.
So today do we have good news or bad news?
Well, world news is always bad, and for me sports is always good,
sports news, but I felt an earthquake yesterday and so, I've basically l
ooked at the headlines today first and just to see if the earthquake
was in the paper, and it was.
Nobody died did they?
I don't think so, but for me it felt quite strong.
Actually, speaking of papers, I love the paper, and I read it every day,
but there is one thing that I hate about the newspaper, and that's you
read all the stories on the front page and then they stop, they're
cut in half, and then you have to go to the middle of the paper
to finish, and it just drives me nuts because I take the train to
work every day and the train is so crowded sometimes I can't
actually turn the paper, fold the paper to get to story on the inside,
so I have to wait until I get to work, so I read six stories, seven
stories half way and I have to wait till later to find out the ending.

Yeah, that's terrible. I do something similar. I, when I, I take also,
I also take a busy train in the morning, and I just read the front page,
and the back page. The front page has the headlines, the back page
has the sports, and then when I get to work, if I have free time I just
open up and finish the story that I read. (Yeah)
I have a question, what do you prefer, do you prefer the tabloid style paper,
which opens up like a book and you read each page, like a book, or do
you prefer the traditional paper where, which is all folded neatly and into
sections, like A B C D.
Um, that's a good point, I guess, or a good question, uh, I guess
I'm used to the old traditional style but I have to admit, the tabloid
style is a lot more convenient, um, so I wouldn't mind if my paper
changed to that style.
(OK) What do you prefer?
Yeah, I prefer the tabloid, just because it's easier to read.
Mm, the only thing I don't like about some tabloids is that
they put a lot of colors on the paper and it's not as easy to
read as the more traditional papers I think.

Well, the other meaning of tabloid is the kind of newspaper that prints just
glossy stories with pictures and usually celebrity news, that's
not really world news, or sports or anything but about Micheal
Jackon's trial or what celebrity got which hair cut, so that's a
different kind of tabloid, but yeah.
So do you subscribe to the newspaper or just buy one every day?
I buy one every day because I sometimes buy a different papers.