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So, Marion, what you do you think of the
winter we are having?

The winter at the moment, it's very cold,
isn't it, but most of the time it's quite sunny as well.
It's dry at least, so I quite like winter days
that are sunny like today. I was outside
and eventhough at first it seems quite cold,
afterwards, with the sun we kind of warmed
up very quickly.
Mm, yeah, it was nice today. Yeah, but
winter is not my favorite season.
No! I, yeah, I want winter to be over very
quickly. Mm, so but soon spring will be here and
spring is good. I like spring.
(Yeah!) and
then summer. I love summer. Hm-mm.
Summer is my favorite season.

Really! Yeah! Even when it's really,
really hot?
Oh, I love it! Last year, it was really, really
hot and everybody, every day would complain.
(Mm, I remember) and say it was so hot,
but I loved it. The hotter the better.
Yeah, so, I think it's very relaxing and it
calms me down actually. I feel calm and
very relaxed in very hot weather.

I quite like hot weather as well, but last summer,
the summer you are talking about, I had to go
on a very crowded train every morning, so
when you have a crowded train, and it's very,
very hot, it ends up being quite disgusting,
piled in against all these sweaty people,
so I didn't like last summer for that reason.
Hm, well, what's your favorite season?
Ah, autumn is my favorite season, cause
I think, because every autumn I start at
school. It always feels like a new beginning,
time of year, for me, more so than January. I
feel like September is a good time to change
things and a good time to start new things, and
also the trees are beautiful and the weather
is quite mild and nice. How about you?
What's your favorite season?
Ah, well, it's probably a tie between summer
and fall, for what you just said. I agree.
The fall has great weather. The trees are beautiful.
It's a good time to be outside.
(Yeah!) It rarely
rains, and I hate the rain and, uh, plus, my
birthday is in October.
(Ah, OK) and Halloween
which is a fun holiday.

Mm-hm, so.
Right, so that's good.