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OK, Mike, I was wondering, you're from Canada, and you
have lived in America, and we work together, and in our
company everybody is American but you, so how would you
say Canadians are different than Americans?

Well, um, first of all, I'll just, to be honest, just to start, I'll
say that Canadians and Americans I think share a lot more
similar qualities than they do differences, I mean, I think
Canadians have a lot more in common with Americans than
they do with even with English people who are like from Britain
who were the original sort of Canadians, I suppose, a few hundred
years ago, so in that way I think that like again, just to preempt it by
saying we're very similar, however, there's definitely some differences
I think between Americans and Canadians. First of all, I think
Canadians in general are maybe a little bit more
humble. Not to put this in a negative way, but they just, they're
not as willing to engage in an argument, or to argue over a
point, I think, as you know, as most, at least, most of my
American friends, who’ll want to debate and get to the bottom
of a topic. Canadians would rather just sort of back off and say,
you know, "That's, you're right. That's fine. Great" but again,


and I can't speak for all Canadians because it depends on your
personality too, but just to generalize, that's one difference.
Also, I would say that Americans in general tend to be a lot
more businesslike and maybe even a little more conservative
in, just in the way they, in the way that they, I guess, view,
relations, or view discussions with people, but Canadians tend
to be a little bit more liberal, a little bit more free and easy-going,
again, I'll preempt that by saying all of the Americans that
I work with I think are quite liberal and not conservative
thinking at all, but if you want to generalize, yeah, culturally,
then I think those are probably a couple of differences
between the two cultures, or people in the cultures.
Yeah, anything else, any other differences?
Um, well, I think, one thing that Americans tend to point to with
Canadians, and it is true to some extent, other than our love of
hockey, is sense of humor. I think Canadians in general tend to
have a, I wouldn't say unique, but they just tend to look at I guess,
look at things with a little bit more of, a bit of humor,
too it, and I think the main reason for that is cause it's so
bloody cold in Canada.
Ah, fair enough. Thanks Mike.