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OK, Marion, do you think it's better to sleep on a bed or a futon?
Mm, I think for me a bed is better. How about you?
I think it's better to sleep on a futon.
Mm. Why?
Oh, many reasons. I mean, the first reason is you can't fall off a futon.
That's very true.
So it's very safe, and I just like to lie on the floor. I think it feels good for my back.
I like to stretch out my arms and when you finish sleeping on a futon you can fold it and
put it in the closet and then you have more space in your room.
Mm, yeah, I know the thing about space, but that's one of the things that I don't like
about a futon is that during the day my bed is gone, because I like having my bed in
the middle of the room or whatever so that if I feel like relaxing during the day I can
just go over, lie on my bed with a book or a magazine, or just listen to music, and that
it feels really comfortable to me.

Yeah , I could see that, but beds are very messy, you know, you got to make the bed
every day, and under the bed can be very dirty. You have dust, old clothes, socks,
money that you loose, things like that and when you vacuum and sweep, you have to
get under the bed and it's very difficult to get under the bed, so I just think that's too
Mm, yeah, but I think a bed it really, really comfortable. You know especially
on cold nights, and you can curl up with your duvet and all your blankets and
everything. I really think that it feels more comfy to me. More comfortable.

But you can do that with a futon, too!
Yeah, I suppose, but for me, I don't know. I like the stability of having a bed
under me. I don't know, for me it feels strange to sleep at ground level, maybe
because I haven't done it enough.

Yeah, you should give it more of a try. I think you'll like it.
Yeah, I will.