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When is her birthday?
a) November 3rd
b) November 13th
c) November 30th
How does she describe getting old?
a) Frustrating
b) Challenging
c) Bothersome
When was she born?
a) 1922
b) 1923
c) 1924
What does she remember about her marriage?
a) Writing letters
b) Being poor
c) Traveling a lot
What do you become as you get older?
a) Wiser
b) Knowledgeable
c) Hopeful
Fill in the missing words
Now, Vivian, do you mind me asking how old you are?
I was 80 years old on November 3rd, 2004.
Wow! 80! What does it feel like to be 80?
Itís a little inconvenient because my mind didnít turn 80 but my body did and I find it
sometimes my mind follows my body too! And itís hard to be as quick as I used to be
and I always want to do more, now than I able to do. I canít do what I used to do when
I was younger.
Oh, thatís disappointing and probably a little frustrating.
Very frustrating! Very frustrating! Especially when you have been active all of your life
and all of a sudden things are just, have slowed down to where you canít do all those
running around, flying around tasks that you used to be able to do in the morning.
Sometimes it takes me two days to get everything accomplished. Well those are definite
disadvantages to getting older. Are there any advantages? Can you give us some hope?
Yes! Yes! There is hope. You have reached an age where you understand where you have been.
Iím very fortunate that I lived in the 1900ís. I was born in 1924. I saw the airplane invented.
I saw the beginning of penicillin. I saw the medication for polio which stopped it in its track.
I saw so many things. World War II. I was married in World War II and my husband went overseas
for two years during that time, and my first two years of marriage was by letters, so it was,
itís a good time, 80, you look back on all those things and youíre glad to be part of it.
You begin to understand the changes that are taking place just as they took place when you
were young, but you donít come to that realization until you become old. You donít become wiser.
You just become more knowledgeable.
Well, that doesnít sound so bad.

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