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Gap-fill exercise

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So, Vivian, you grandchildren!
I have two granddaughters.
Granddaughters! What’s it like a grandma?
It is a second chance on life because of when you are children as a young person
you get caught up in the world, but with grandchildren it’s all fun. I don’t have
to do this, or I don’t have to do that, and when I get tired I can them home to
their parents.
Ah, right, that’s the part, right? So what else is different about
being a mother being a grandmother?
Being a mother you are totally for your child. You are trying to raise them
the best you know how to raise them and you’re and everything that you do you know
that will be picked up by your child but when you have grandchildren that is up to
their parents so I don’t feel that I have to really them anything. I have to continue
the teaching of their .
Ah, so you get to do all the fun now that you’re a grandma?
Yes, it really is fun. They take you by the hand, and take you to the store and out
everything in the world that mom and dad will not give them and it really you a lot
of money sometimes, unless, you do put your down and say, ”NO!”
So being a grandma is more that being a parent?
Absolutely, but it’s a lot more fun because at this of life you have a little bit more
than you had when you were raising your child.
I see. That’s great.