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Who is she knitting for?
a) Her son
b) Her friend
c) Her granddaughter
What is she making?
a) A poncho
b) A sweater
c) A shawl
What shapes are the pieces?
a) Oblong
b) Square
c) Round
What colors will it be?
a) Sea colors
b) Sand colors
c) Sky colors
What sewing methods require a needle?
a) Knitting
b) Crocheting
c) Both
Fill in the missing words
So we just had Christmas and I see your knitting bag is out, did you knit anything for anyone for Christmas?
I started to knit for my granddaughters, but time caught up with me and I was making for them a poncho which
consisted of two pieces, two oblong pieces which I will put together and make a poncho.
Ah, that sounds pretty I think, but what will it look like when itís finished? Can you describe it?
A poncho is sort of like a shawl, only it is closed. You can wear it like a sweater. You pull it over your
head but you donít have any arms. You just have the shawl affect.
Oh, Iíve seen those. Those are actually quite popular now. So what colors did you make?
I made a mixture of sand colors thatís tan and browns and darker browns, sort of a mixture. Itís a nice
pretty soft yarn in the same colors. It just blends in.
Oh, sounds great. Iím sure your granddaughter will love that. What else did you start to make?
Well, I wanted to make also, I bought some ponchos and I started to put an edging around them but with crocheting,
but it didnít look right.
Whatís crocheting?
Crocheting is another needle, single needle, that you stick into the wool, and use a thread and you pull it through
and you can make decoration on anything that you have knitted, only you use a different needle, and a different method
of decoration, but it didnít look right so I pulled it all out and it was fun trying out those things.
So when will you finish the, all of these projects do you think? Do you have a deadline?
Yes, I do, very shortly, I'm almost through..... (Sorry! End of recording.)

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