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Where was the train trip to and from?
a) Chicago to New York
b) Milwaukee to Minneapolis
c) Boston to Baltimore
When did she NOT ride the train?
a) When she was a young person
b) When she was middle aged
c) When she was an older person
What was seldom on the train when she was younger?
a) Conductor
b) Dining Car
c) Sleeper
What food does she mention?
a) Salad
b) Dessert
c) Both
How was the food she ate on the train?
a) Fantastic
b) Alright
c) Terrible
Fill in the missing words
I understand you recently rode a train from Milwaukee to Minneapolis.
Was this the first time you ever rode a train?

No, I have been on a train many times as a young person but recently in the past 3 or 4 years
I have ridden a train again several times. There was a period of time in my life that I did not
ride the train, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
How is it different riding the train now then it was back when you were younger?
When I was younger they had a different set of train people. Back then, you werenít served meals
at your seat. You had, if they had a dining car, if they had a dining car, you could go into the
dining car and eat but some trains, especially on short distances, like when I lived in Jaffy, Missouri,
it was halfway between Memphis and St. Louis. Those were short routes and they did not have dining cars.
On this trip that we just got back from yesterday, we had our, we were in the lower car because itís a
handicap car. My sister is handicapped, and they brought us a menu, and they brought us a full dinner,
including salad and dessert and coffee or tea, whatever we would like to drink.
How was the food on the train? Was it better than plain food?
Oh, much better. Much better. It was fixed. The chefís did a fantastic job and I understand that
it is cooked on the train. It may not be all cooked on the train but it certainly is prepared and
the salads are prepared on the train so that you donít get these package food tastes.
Ah, that sounds fun though.
Oh, it was great fun! We enjoyed every minute of it.

Q1: Have...?

Q2: Did...?

Q3: What...?