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Miki, when you were in college where did you live?
My first year I lived in the dormitory that was quite close to the . It was about a five
minute walks so it was very convenient but I'm not sure that that many people actually enjoyed
living in the dormitory because there were so many of us into such a small space that one
did not get a sense of privacy at all. I shared a room with two other girls and 24 hours a day
there was always someone near you, next door, down the if not in your own room, and a very
small space. In Japan perhaps this wouldn't have been such a large problem because the sense of
personal space and perhaps isn't as strong growing up, but really in the United States
if you grow up with you own room, it you grow up with your own sense of self and if, you know, you
have personal that you define just instinctively which, you know, maybe three feet in front of you,
a meter, or if you have your own personal room itself, it's very difficult to move from that sort
of sense of individuality and private space, to move into the dorms, and to have to share,
all of that, and then always have a on your face, if you don't want to be considered a bitch.
Yeah, so what about food? What did you eat for food? Did you have a kitchen? Did you cook?
In the dormitories, no! We had a dining hall. I don't quite what it was called, but it was
a common area where everyone went downstairs at the same time. It was only open, three hours in the
morning, 3 hours in the , and we all shared our time together, kind of like a family, I suppose,
and we must have eaten just normal American food. I don't remember.
Yeah! Yeah! How about your ? How would you wash your clothes?
That I forget! I think we had laundry machines every other floor in the dorm building. But I actually
don't remember. Sorry!
And what would students do for ? for socializing?
Oh, I think the bigger question is whether students did anything besides socialize, you know, right,
I mean, if you're a the chances of you actually doing work are actually quite small, especially
in that sort of a social setting where,
Even at Berkley?
Oh, are you kidding me? Yes! Berkley is highly but it's also highly, it's a highly social
atmosphere, especially in the dorms, well, and then once you move into a area, if you're there
with your friend, then I don't think a whole lot of goes on.
Wow! That's funny! Oh, thanks!