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I was browsing through a bookshop today and I up a book on food,
which is quite usual for me cause I love food, em, but this was a bit
different, em, it tried to make the between the kind of food you
eat and how it makes you feel so, for , sometimes if I'm, if I'm a
bit sad, we’ll say, I think to myself, oh, I’d love some and that
will make me feel better, and sometimes it does, or it feels it does anyway.
I’m not sure if that really works, but the author of this book to think
that there’s a definite between, what you, you know, what you eat and
how you feel, or how it makes you feel. She talks about like, em, yeah,
things like chocolate and other sweet things. She says that it endorphins,
so that, you know endorphins are , they kind of, they make you feel good,
I think is the idea. They help you deal with as well as she says, so yeah, that
seems to, that seems to work, I think. One of my friends told me that
when she feels a bit, a bit as if she doesn’t have much energy, she’ll
go to a restaurant or go home and cook some cause she feels that that
gives her, gives her energy, so I was interested to read today that this author,
she mentions how sometimes the will feel a need to, I don’t know, to be
more sharp, or to have and that sometimes that means that you need protein
and protein obviously would comes from . It seems to work for my friend
anyway, butI haven’t tried it myself anyway.