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Todd: Ah, Jeanie, you say you are really into meditation.

Jeanie: Yes.

Todd: So can you explain what meditation is and how you meditate and what are good way to meditate for other listeners.

Jeanie: So as far as meditation is concerned, I feel that it's really finding your center, which is quite. Think of like a cyclone. Now there's all types of activity except for in the dead center where it's really still and quiet. I feel that meditation is a way to get back to that quiet inner self and it's something you need just to keep you settled in everyday life. For me, I'm very used to either bursts of activity or just being still so when I meditate I just like to absolutley sit still. I don't worry about sitting in a lotus position or anything like that. I sit more in a comfortable position and one that's not going to distract me from what I'm trying to do. If I can, I just don't think about anything but if I've got too much on my mind then I'll concetrate on my breathing. I'll pay attention to the rise and fall of my stomach and just count each breath one to five just over and over again and usually it can get me to my center pretty well.

Todd: Um, wow, sounds good. When do you meditate and how often do you meditate?

Jeanie: I usually meditate in the mornings if I have time. On weekends I usually meditate in the morning. Weekdays I don't usually have time so I meditate at night on those days. I try to find a time that everything around me is very quiet. If there's too much activity going on with other people then well I get easily distracted, and so I try to find a really quiet time and a quiet place to do it.