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Todd: Hey, Jeff this is a very nice apartment.

Jeff: Hmm. It's comfortable. It's cozy. Japanese style.

Todd: I like it. It's got the tatami mat, small kitchen. Do you live alone?

Jeff: I live alone but right now I have a friend of mine staying with me.

Todd: Oh, really, a roommate.

Jeff: Sort of like a roommate, yes. A short term, he's staying with me short-term, so yes a roommate.

Todd: OK, how's that going?

Jeff: Ah, I don't like it.

Todd: Why?

Jeff: He's lazy. He's messy. He drinks too much. He doesn't exercise and he doesn't contribute any money to the rent.

Todd: Ooh, so he lives here and he doesn't give you any money?

Jeff: Well, yeah, he doesn't give me any money. The money's not so bad, though, it's just that he's lazy and he doesn't do much all day.

Todd: That's got to be pretty annoying.

Jeff: He's a great fellow. He's a good friend of mine, but, yeah, he's, I try to motivate him to do a few things but he's a tough one.

Todd: Are you going to tell him he has to move out?

Jeff: Ah, no, he's a smart man. He knows. He knows. He knows the deal. He knows what's going on and I think he's, yeah, I would never ask him to move out because I don't mind having him here but I'm just going to try to whip him into shape.

Todd: Oh, so you're just going to try to change him so he becomes a better roommate?

Jeff: I'm going to be like a woman and try to, yeah, try to get him a better schedule, a better schedule (yeah) like exercise and eating right and less smoking and less drinking.

Todd: Well, what is his schedule?

Jeff: Ah, his schedule is, he's like a night owl, he stays up most of the night drinking, and then he sleeps most of the day recovering, and then when he gets up he has a hangover. He's a bit sluggish and slow, so it's not a healthy lifestyle.

Todd: Yeah, it doesn't sound like it. Good luck.

Jeff: No problem.