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Todd: Now, Michael, I think you grew up California, right?

Mike: No, I didn't.

Todd: You didn't!

Mike: No.

Todd: I thought you were from Santa Barbara.

Mike: No, no. I was born in Cincinnati and I grew up, I grew up there and I lived from my teenage
years in Michigan.

Todd: You're kidding.

Mike: So I'm a Midwesterner

Todd: wow, I didn't know that. I thought you were a fellow Californian native like me.

Mike: No, I've been here about ten years, but not native to this state, no.

Todd: Well, so what, you lived in Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio.

Mike: Cincinnati Ohio.

Todd: And Michigan.

Mike: And in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Todd: Oh, you went to the University of Michigan?

Mike: Yeah, I graduated from the University of Michigan.

Todd: That's a good school.

Mike: It's a great school. Yeah, it's huge though. I think, you know, that's one thing when you come out of high school, and you go into this huge university, it's such a different environment. Like I remember the first year, I was pretty lost in how big everything was.

Todd: Now, Michael, a lot of people don't know about American football, but at your university, the university of Michigan, football is huge. Can you describe a typical Saturday football game? Like what happens at the stadium? What do students do?

Mike: Well, yeah, the stadium at Ann Arbor, at the University of Michigan, I think it holds a 102,000 people. Something like that. It's one of the biggest in the country.

Todd: That's mammoth.

Mike: And every game is sold out. It is, it's an incredible event, so yeah, all Saturdays are abuzz with excitement for the home games, and it's just a very big deal. The whole Michigan football program just generates a lot of excitement, generates a lot of money, right, and you know, to tell the truth, though, back when I went to Michigan, I wasn't a big football fan.

Todd: Oh, you weren't.

Mike: I actually never went to a home game.

Todd: No, really.

Mike: People ask me that and they can't believe it because,

Todd: No way.

Mike: It's such a big deal.

Todd: Yeah.

Mike: But you know, I was more of like a, I don't know what you call it, kind of hippie at the time, and we kind of distinguished between the jocks and, you know people who were interested in sports and the people who were interested in, what, culture of something like that, so I, at that time I wasn't into the football. I think now if I went back, I would love to see a football game.

Todd: Yeah. That's interesting. Man

Mike: But the Wolverines, the Michigan Wolverines, you know and a big source of pride for the University of Michigan.

Todd: Well, thanks for sharing that.

Mike: Sure