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Todd: Michael, what time did you get up this morning?

Mike: About 7, no 6.

Todd: Really, is that like your normal schedule?

Mike: I usually get up around 6. (Yeah) Yeah. Go to bed around 11. Get up at 6. On a good day, sometimes go to bed later.

Todd: Yeah, do you have to have an alarm clock when you get up?

Mike: I sometimes set an alarm if it's a really important day, but I almost never need it, you know what I mean. It's like a back up.

Todd: Right. Right. Yeah, I always wake up at first sunlight, like I can't sleep once it's light outside.

Mike: You're like a natural animal.

Todd: Yeah, exactly, actually I never use an alarm clock. Now you have a beautiful dog. I saw your dog.

Mike: She will sometimes wake us up.

Todd: Yeah, that is what I was wondering.

Mike: Because, like, she has a natural cycle so at six in the morning, bam, you start to hear her wagging her tail or scratching, or trying to get attention. Time to get up.

Todd: That's so cool. I want a dog. Yeah, so do you walk your dog in the morning?

Mike: Yeah, and that's another ritual I have is she needs a walk in the morning, so I've got this route. It's about a two mile walk that we go on. Almost the exact same route every morning. It takes about 30 minutes or so to do, yeah.

Todd: And so, in some countries or places you need a leash for your dog, so your dog can't get away from you. Do you have a leash for your dog?

Mike: Yeah. I keep her on a leash when we're walking were there are other people because you know, a lot of people are not comfortable with big dogs (right) but she'll stay close to me, even without a leash (right) but I do it for their comfort, but if we're in an open area, I'll let her off the leash and she loves that.

Todd: That's so good, because you know I'm a runner and it always freaks me out when I see people with their dogs and their big and the dogs aren't on a leash.

Mike: You kind of wonder, is this dog safe to go past?

Todd: Well, yeah, and plus, I'm running behind the owner of the dogs and so I might startle the owner, and startle the dogs, and the dogs might be protective and attack me, so sometimes I'll holler in advance, "Hey, I'm coming. I'm coming."

Mike: Right, right.

Todd: So. Yeah, cool. Thanks Mike.