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Yeah, hey Todd, I have one complaint.
Why can't I never reach you on the phone?

Ah, I know, I'm really bad with my phone. I hate
the phone. I can not stand the phone. I hate
talking on the phone, so I have a hand-held
phone and I always go and put it in the closet
and I turn it off.
Oh, really! Yeah, you said hand-held. I usually
call it a cell phone or a mobile phone.
but, uh, well, I mean, these days everybody has
one, so uh, I think they're quite useful actually.
Um, you can call people when you want, and you
can call people who you want. You don't have to
pick up like you don't sometimes, it's...

See the thing is, if somebody calls me, right, and
I see that they called me, I feel really guilty for not
calling them back, or not answering the phone if
I'm very busy, so I don't want to feel guilty, so I just
turn off the phone and put it in my closet.

Well, I guess that's why you like land lines,
because you can pretend like you didn't hear it or
that you weren't home at the time.

Exactly, I really miss the old style phones. The old
phones that would ring and you'd have to walk over
and pick up the phone. I thought those were great.
You know what, I think that you're just not going
with progress. The old style, uh, life has changed,
yeah, we use technology every day, and this is
just the next step, you know, being able to
communicate at all times, anywhere and anyhow,
and uh, we're using technology right now.

That's true, I mean, obviously I have my website,
I'm very into computers. I love e-mail. I love Internet
telephone like Skype but there's just something
about hand-held phones that I don't like. I don't
know why. I just don't like them.
OK, well, let's agree to disagree