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Yeah, I got a job interview coming up and I know
they're gonna ask me about what are your strong
points and your weak points. You know.
Yeah, that's tough, because like I know my
strong points and my weak points.

Yeah, well, let's talk about that, actually, personality
wise. Forget about the job interview. Let's talk
about, what do you think, what are your strong
points as a person?
Ah, let's see. Well, I think the biggest one is I'm
pretty generous. Like I really don't care about
money, so I'll give my friends money or things
that I have, cause I just don't care about that.
Um, so that's probably my strong point. My weak
points are I am very late all the time. I'm late to
work. I'm late to meet my friends. I'm late when
I have appointments, and I am always late, so
that is probably my number one bad point, and
um, I'm, and sometimes I'm a little selfish. I want
things my way, and only my way.

So it's, do you use that expression, "It's my way or
the highway!"
I would never say that, but that's maybe how
I think sometimes.

That's how you feel inside, yeah.
How about you? What are your strong points and
your weak points?

W ell, one of my weak points. I can say, much like you,
was being late but, uh, since, you know, uh, since
I've has a long term girlfriend, she's made sure that
that part of me has changed, but I think one of my
weak points is that, uh, I'm mentally disorganized.
I'm all over the place all the time, so that sometimes
makes me forget things like, uh, my keys, or you
know, where I put an important piece of paper or
something like that.

You know sometimes I wonder, because I'm a
teacher, that maybe more people are that way
today because we have so much input, so much
stimulus from TV, from the internet, from movies,
from radio that we are not as mentally organized
as people maybe 50 years ago.

Yeah, that quite, that could be possibly true, but
most of my close friends, you know, say that I'm
more disorganized in that way, or more chaotic
than most people, so I think I'm a special case.
You know, I lost my wallet about four or five
times in the past year, so.
That's pretty bad. Um, what's your strong
point though?

Well, you know, that's putting me on the spot.
That's a pretty difficult question cause it's difficult
to talk about yourself, but uh, you know I would
have to say that I'm friendly, and easy-going and
Yeah, I agree actually.
And uh, I think I have, I think I can get along with
people well, so, that's would be my strong point
I guess, easy going and and friendly, easy to
get along with.
Well, I agree.
Oh, thank you, and I agree about you.
What? I'm always late.
That, too.