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So Art, you spend a lot of time in Bangkok. My
Dad is coming into town and I'm curious where
you recommend that I should take him.

Well I think he would enjoy going to the old capital
of Ayuddaya. It has a great many very interesting
ruins and there's a wonderful guest house to stay
at. It's called the PU guest house. And they serve
very good meals. It's a very economical place to
stay. And if you are staying there you can get a
tour by boat around the island and there your
parents can see the different Wats and Temples
which is very interesting. So I would recommend
Also if they like to ride the bicycles, taking a bicycle
around the old ruins would be a good way to go.

So everything is close enough that you can
ride bikes?

You can ride bikes and if they're not able to ride
bikes you can go by a tuk-tuk, a large overgrown
golf cart. Or perhaps you could go by these little,
what they call "song-tao", little two-seater trucks.
And they will stay with you for the whole day and
give you a tour for around 300 baht.

300 baht! How much is that in US dollars say?

That would be around seven dollars and fifty cents.

For a whole day tour?

For a whole day tour. Very cheap.



Well, if you are going to stay in Bangkok, one of
the very nice places to visit would be the Jim
Thompson house. You can get there very easily
on BTS, you simply ride it to Siam square, then
take the next line to National Stadium. From there,
it's easy to follow the signs and walk to the Jim
Thompson house. When you are walking toward
the Jim Thompson house you will pass souvenir
shops. Now these shops are very reasonable and
you will enjoy bargaining. In fact, if you simply look
at something long enough the price will come down.
However, if you go to the Jim Thompson house and
you try to buy souvenirs there you will pay through
the nose. However, it is inexpensive to visit the houses.
And it is very interesting because they have good
English-speaking guides that tell you all about the
development of Thai silk which Mr. Jim Thompson
was responsible for. This is probably one of the most
delightful trips you can take while in Bangkok.