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Simon, when you were younger, did you
take vacations with your family?

Yes, I did.
OK, where did you go?
Well, I went to many places, but I have
one memorable experience. I went to
Baja, California.
Baja, California. Nice. Can you explain
where Baja, California is?

Actually, it's not in California. It's south
of California. Uh, it's in Mexico, and it's
on the west side of Mexico, below
California, of course, and it's a desert
surrounded by beautiful ocean.
Oh, sounds good. Sounds nice.
What's the landscape like?

Dry, dusty, and beautiful.
So it's a desert?
Yeah, it's a desert with lots of cacti.
Oh, OK. What are cacti?
Well, maybe you know what a cactus is.
It's a, you know, the desert plant from
Cowboy movies, and it has needles which
stick and hurt and it's green, but yeah.
That's about it and beautiful blue

You mean water from the ocean.
Water from the ocean. There's no water
on the land. You know, there's no lakes,
probably no rivers, just dust, yeah!
How did you get there?
I drove.
You drove?
Yeah! We drove. I didn't drive. I was too
young but my parents drove. Baja is very
long. It's about 2,000 miles, or 2,000
kilometers and we drove.
Mm, what do you remember most about
your trip?

Well, I remember the color of the water,
the white sandy beaches, and the desert
at dusk. It's a pretty cool place, you know.
How long did you stay for your vacation?
6 weeks.
6 weeks. That's a long time.
Yeah, well, my parents were a little bit different from other parents.
Sounds like a really good time. So do
you plan to back to Baja sometime?

I hope so. Yeah. But I won't prick myself
on a cactus.
OK. Well, take me. I want to go, too.