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Now, Mike, you're from Canada but you lived
in America for a good period of time.

How would you compare the two counties?
Well, the most obvious difference is Canada
is a lot colder, I think than the United States
in general, that's cause were north of the U.S.,
but culturally, I think that the US has a lot,
many more culturally different areas within
the country than Canada does. Canada as
a culture, even though it's different from
east to west, for people in Atlantic Canada
are quite different from, let's say, Ontario,
or Quebec, different from the West Coast.
In the U.S., there are many more of those
cultural pockets like New York for example
is very different from Florida, which is very
different from Louisiana, or Georgia, which
is very different from Texas of course and
all of those are very different from California
and all of those, again, are very different
from the North West part of the U.S., Seattle
and that area, so the U.S. has many, many
more sort of culturally diverse areas, very,
unique, and that's one, I think one significant
difference between Canada and the U.S.

Another difference is, Canada is obviously, one
thing that many tourists point to, is a reason for
going to Canada, Canada is safer than the U.S.
Again, I think partly cause of gun laws and things
like that, but just in general, I think the history
of Canada sort of is a lot more, is a lot less,
I guess, it was a lot less, there was no revolution
really in Canada and there was in the U.S. so
I mean I think the roots are a little bit less, more
subdued, I'd say, so that makes a difference
culturally. However, I think that because Canada
is more safe, it's also more boring than the U.S.,
so the U.S., it’s maybe a little bit riskier but it's a
lot more fun. Canada is safer but, again,
more boring.
That's interesting, I mean, I don't know. I haven't
been to Canada but I would like to go.

Definitely come up and visit and you'll know why
you enjoy the States so much.
I'm not so sure about that. All right, thanks, Mike.