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OK, Simon, let's go get something to eat?
Let's go out to dinner. I'm really hungry.
Yeah, OK, me too. I'm really hungry as well.
Ah, what is there to eat around here?

Well, around my house there's a few
restaurants. Um, there's an Italian
restaurant. There's a grilled chicken
restaurant. There is a fish restaurant,
and there is a family diner.
Hm, family diner. What's that?
The family diner is one of those restaurants
that they serve many types of food, for
example they have noodles, they have
pasta, they have hamburger, they have
salad. Pretty much anyone in the family
could order what they want. They have
desserts, things like that.
Well, that makes sense, that's why it's
called a family diner, or family restaurant
because I guess everyone in the family
will be happy if they eat there.
Ah, you said Italian restaurant.
Ah, yeah, there's an Italian restaurant.
It's a very small family owned Italian
restaurant. They have really good pasta,

fresh salad. They always have really
good specials. The only problem is that
it's really crowded and it's a little
expensive because it's very popular.
Oh, really. Ah, do they have pizza?
I like pizza.

Actually, they don't have pizza. They
only have pasta.
OK. What were the other choices?
There's also a fish restaurant and there's
a grilled chicken restaurant.
A grilled chicken. That's pretty general.
How do they serve that?
It's actually, it's not a restaurant. This guy
has a small stand, a very small area, and
there are some small tables in front of it,
and he just grills chicken, kind of on the
street, and then he has little tables
in front of his booth or stall and you eat
chicken for really cheap.
Oh, that sounds really cool. Let's do that.
Yeah, yeah, and they have beer, too.
Oh, yeah, I like beer.
Cool, let's go.