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Simon, you said your family had
a volkswagen van.

That's right. It was awesome.
Wow, that's cool. You know, when I was in high
school, I had a Volkswagen van.

Yeah, they're pretty cool aren't they.
Ah, man, I loved my Volkswagen Van.
Well, why?
Well, because I played sports and so I played
baseball, basketball, football and all of my
teammates would get in my van and I would
drive us to and from practice, or to games,
and so it was very convenient. I was like the
little bus driver for the team.

Yeah, well, you said "bus". Is that, did you call
it a van or a bus?
Actually, in California we call it the Volkswagen Bus.
Yeah, do you call it the bus or the van?

I think that either was OK, or both were OK.
Yeah, my family had the camperized van.
(Really!) Which had little, which had a refrigerator
and a table and a bed, and a pop-up top to fit,
to fit another bed, like a loft.
Wow! Yeah, that's pretty cool.
At least, uh, at least four people quite comfortably
in a camper van. Pretty cool.
Yeah, actually, mine didn't have the camper. It had
a flat area in back of the van, but not a bed, and it
did have a small sink, although I never had water
hooked up to my van, so I never used it. I just
used it for school, so.

Yeah, my best friend had a van in high school as
well. (Yeah!) and he was really popular there
because he could fit a lot of people in.
So my van was all white. What color was yours?
Ah, my parents' van was, was also, was also
white. My friend's van had, was black and white
and had a skull on the front. Yeah, so it looked
like a a pirate van, or pirate bus, not a pirate ship.
but a pirate van. (Cool!) It was pretty cool,
at the time. You know.
Yeah. Yeah. I actually, I have many nice
memories of my van and I wish I still had
one today.

Yeah, me too!
Yeah! Does your family still have it?
No, they don't. Ah, time to move on, I guess.
They thought.
Yeah! I think I sold my van because I didn't
think it was cool after awhile. I had it for
three years and then I wanted a nice
sports car, so I got rid of it. Yeah, I kind of
regret it but I guess that's just normal.

Of course, everybody likes their old cars,
don't they.