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Mark: So Todd what would you say was your best moment of your whole high school experience?

Todd: Oh, wow. My best moment was, well I played football and they never gave me the ball. I always sat on the bench and then one game, I actually got to touch the ball and run with the ball, but unfortunately it was also my worst moment, cause as I was running with the football, you run forward and there was nobody in front of me and I tripped, and it was pretty embarrassing.

Mark: Like you, the field was open, you could have.

Todd: Scored. Yeah, yeah. Could have been the hero and all that and I tripped. But most of my negative stuff, or my bad memories were all to do with girls.

Mark: Yeah, me too.

Todd: Let's see, there was one time I asked a girl out to a date and she said that she would go out with me, and I was so happy, and I was walking away from her and I was waving and at the last minute I saw her turn away and flinch, and I thought, "Why is she flinching? Why is she turning away?" That's right about the time I walked right into a pole. It just about knocked me out, and so she didn't even come over and see if I was OK. She kind of just left me there cause she figured I was embarrassed.

Mark: Oh, were you embarrassed?

Todd: Of course.

Mark: Of course.

Todd: There was another girl the year before that I has asked out for my first date. So we went out to the movies and then after the date, you have to walk her to the front door (right) and we walked to the front door and the main thing is can you get a kiss goodnight (right) so I was just so nervous that she wouldn't kiss me and so then we walked to the front door and she kissed me and I was so happy cause I just felt like "Wow, I got a kiss on my first date!" and then I went to school the next Monday morning and I'm walking through campus and I feel really good because, you know, I can say that I got a kiss, and I walk up to my friends and they just start laughing at me, and they're like, "Yeah, we talked with Laura" that was the girl's name, "We talked with Laura and she said you kiss like a fish."

Mark: Ah, man (so) Oh, that's rough.

Todd: Yeah, it's pretty bad. My moment of glory was ruined.