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Kate, New Zealand
I like to go shopping and I usually go to the department stores, although they can be a little bit
expensive, and I usually shop at Gap or some of the cheaper places in my country, in New Zealand, it's
called Glassins and also there are flea markets which I enjoy to just have a look around. I don't buy
used clothes that often unless I need them for an event or university event or something. Jewelry I
love to buy.

Mark, United States
I guess like a lot of guys I don't usually like shopping. I'd rather go to the store, know what I want
to get, go in, get that thing, buy it and get out. If I got a lot of money, I guess it would be nice
to kind of stroll around and shop some but still, I just, usually I'd rather be more focused and just
go buy what I want and get out so I'm not a really big fan of shopping.

Jeanie, United States
OK, what do I think about shopping? I really don't like shopping. I'm usually very easily bored with
buying things. I try to make really quick decisions, the only exception being with jewelry because it
always catches my attention, and then I end up spending too much money, so yes, shopping is definitely
not a thing I like to do very often.

Jim, England
So I hate shopping. Don't like it at all. The only time I really go shopping is when I go to the super
market to get some food or some supplies. I try to avoid clothes shopping because I find it so boring
and I tend to rely on my girlfriend or my mother to buy me clothes, which is a little bit sad.

Ukaria, Ireland
I go shopping everywhere. In Ireland there are many charity shops, with kind of once worn, or unwanted
gift type dresses, so I really like shopping there for really exotic dresses, and when I go shopping,
the one time in the year I go shopping I have to think about clothes to wear for distinct seasons of
the year, so it's quite a challenge. I go shopping usually to just normal middle of the road type
places, but I really, really like shoe shopping.

Alan, Canada
What do I think about shopping? Well, I don't really go shopping unless I have to as far was when I
buy clothes or things that I need for the house. If I need them, I will go out and buy them, but I
don't really like to browse and look around too much, window shop, anything like that. I do however do
enjoy food shopping. I enjoy that. Everyone has to food shop at least once a week, so I enjoy shopping
for food more than I do shopping for other things.