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Good evening, and welcome to the 10 o’clock news. Tonight’s top story:

The city marathon begins tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock. The public are expected to begin lining the streets at 5 o’clock in the morning to ensure the best viewing spots. This year’s marathon will include some of the world’s top runners, including the winner of last year’s race: Maureen Slows.

A local band has released its second CD. ‘The Rockers’, who won the national newcomers award in February, have enjoyed a string of successes since then. They are hoping for a number one spot with this album, so let’s all do our best to support them!

Customers are being asked to return all tins of tomato soup to shops. Doctors have connected a recent spate of illnesses with the amount of zinc in these cans. All shops are offering a full refund for any unopened cans.

A new recipe book is on sale in shops this week. The book, written by local primary school children, includes regional and international dishes. All of the proceeds of the book will go to the local schools involved, with the aim of buying new kitchen equipment for use by the canteen staff.

Finally, sheep jumping trials are due to take place this Monday in a bid to find the country’s highest jumping sheep. Local farmers are excited and one hopeful sheep owner, Jim Smith, will be shown in a documentary tomorrow morning, demonstrating how he has been training his sheep.

That’s all for today. The weather is due to remain sunny and warm for the next few days, although tomorrow could be quite windy, so wrap up well! Thanks for watching and see you again tomorrow.

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