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100 miles off the coast of Somalia, a luxury cruise ship was attacked by pirates. Pirates shot machine guns and launched grenades while attempting to board the boat. The caption tricked the pirates into thinking they were being counterattacked by activating a loud speaker that simulated gun shots.

Earlier this week at the Summit of the Americas in Argentina, protesters battled with police. They believe that the free market trade plan doesn't do enough to help poor people. Millions of South Americans Still live on less than 1 dollar a day.

The coordinator of the United Nations has announced that 200,000 survivors of last months earthquake are still trapped in Pakistan. The victims lack adequate food and shelter to endure the winter climate. Other disasters such as the recent hurricane in Guatemala and the millions starving in Africa have left aid agencies with very little available funds.

A new film is being released that will tell the story of the assassination of the ex-Beatle John Lennon. The film, entitled Chapter 27, is being described as a psychological study of Mark Chapman who murdered Lennon 25 years ago in New York.

The American business magazine Forbes says that 10 Chinese citizens are now billionaires. Last year, there were only 3 Chinese billionaires. The study also included the 40 richest companies in China which together are worth 26 billion dollars - up 44% from just last year.

3 pit bull dogs attacked two children and later four adults who were trying to stop the attack. Finally, the police came and shot the dogs to death. According to the current law, the owner can only be fined for $600.

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