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Todd: Ah, Rina, can you talk a little about your tattoos? Now you actually have tattoos?

Rina: I have my, I have twelve hours of work on my back. I have 35 hours on my leg. I have two hours on my arm.

Todd: That is amazing.

Rina: And my leg one is not finished yet. It still has another 5 or 6 hours to go.

Todd: OK, well, first of all, what is the allure of the tattoo? Why do you..?

Rina: Well, my first one to be honest with you, was the one on my back, the 12 hour one, which I did in 4 sittings, and the whole time I'm getting it done, I swear to God, I'm never getting it done again, cause it hurts so bad, but as soon as it's done, I'm just like, oh, I can't wait, I'm planning my next one. I don't know why, it's like, I do not know why cause it happens every time. It doesn't change, but, yeah, I don't know what the allure is. I just know that they're very addictive and I like nice art work. I like nice body work.

Todd: Now the one on the back, what's interesting is, you can't see it, right.

Rina: That's, you see, the thing is, I know when I go out clubbing I show my tattoos but they're really for me. They're, you know, I don't really, I like in places I can hide them if I want, or I can show them if I want. I like that option, otherwise, yeah, otherwise I wouldn't get them if I had to show them all the time. There's still a level of professionalism, like I was able to work when I go do thing, like that, I like to be able to hide them, you know.

Todd: Yeah. When you get a tattoo, what is the process of how you decide what you're gonna..?

Rina: It takes me, like the one on my back took me three years to finally decide and what it is is, it's a quote from my favorite philosopher, his name is Halil Shabron, and it's a quote from one of his books, and I have Arabic writing down my spine, and then I have, it's called the evil eye, and it's actually this tattoo at the bottom, and it just represents protection from harm and misfortune and then I have just a design on either side and smoke going all the way up.

Todd: That's some tattoo.

Rina: Yeah, and the one on my leg is just a pretty design that my tattoo artist designed for me and it's just flowers and vines and pretty, yeah.

Todd: And the one on your hand?

Rina: The one on my hand is, I got this two years ago before I knew I was coming to Japan and it's three Japanese cherry blossoms and they just represent me and my two best friends that I have know since I was two and actually, this, one of them, I came to Japan with her. Yeah, so

Todd: Pretty cool.

Rina: Yeah. And my next one is going to be just amazing as well.

Todd: Can you talk about it? Where is the next one?

Rina: Ah, the next one's gonna be on my left rib, and it's gonna kind of join with the one on my leg. It's gonna go in a kind of diagonal. And it's gonna be the green Terra Buddha, and she represents crossing over, changing negative energy into positive energy, yeah, it's really pretty, really nice. Lots of symbolism. I'm really into symbolism and superstition, so

Todd: Sound pretty cool there.

Rina: Yeah, I put a lot of thought into my stuff and my work. I probably should do a little more but I don't. I'm very impulsive as well.

Todd: Well, it looks nice.

Rina: Yeah. Thank you.