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Brett: Hi, Senum, how are you?

Senum: Good, thank you Brett. How are you?

Brett: Very good. So let's talk about family today.

Senum: Alrighty then.

Brett: So, how large is your family?

Senum: Well, actually, I'm an only child, but I have a very large extended family.

Brett: What ethnicity?

Senum: I'm actualy, my families Turkish.

Brett: Really!

Senum: Yeah. We're all like, my family immigrated from Turkey about 20 years ago so we all came down to Turkey, and I was born in Australia actually, and I have a lot of family in Turkey, as well as Australia now.

Brett: Do you still practice Turkish customs?

Senum: Of course.

Brett: Even though you're living in Australia.

Senum: Definitely. We always have Turkish meals, do Turkey, celebrate Turkish days,and.

Brett: Like what kind of Turkish days?

Senum: For example we have Children's Day, and we celebrate that, where the children actually go to the elderly, the elder members of their families, and they go visit them, and they actually receive some money.

Brett: Really.

Senum: It's quite interesting. Yeah.

Brett: Ah, what other holidays do you celebrate?

Senum: Um, also we celebrate, it's called Lolliday.

Brett: Lolliday.

Senum: Yeah, and we just, the whole name of it is, once again to go to the elderly and to see them and to tell them that we care about them still, and that we are still thinking of them, though we don't see them probably every other day.
How about you Brett? How many people are in your family?

Brett: I'm, I have one younger brother and just my mom and dad.

Senum: I see, and how about your extended family?

Brett: Extended family? I have a lot of extended family, on both sides. It's too many to count, really so.

Senum: So do you get together like on the weekends or anything like that?

Brett: Ah, recent, yeah sometimes. My uncle has a very nice place that has a pool and all my cousins go out there every weekend and have a lot, usually a barbeque.

Senum: Oh, sounds so cool. I pretty much do the same. We always try to organize some barbeques, some things like that, but, down by the beach, or at the parks, and we get together, a whole bunch of people, about 20 to 30 people, have lots of meat.

Brett: Lots of meat.

Senum: Yeah. We kids go running around everywhere.