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Shawn: Hi, you're senum, am I right?

Senum: That's right. And you're Shawn?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah. I'm from Canada and I heard that you're from Australia.

Senum: Yep. That's right.

Shawn: Ah, that's great because I'm thinking of going to Australia on an exchange, but I'm not sure where to go, or what universities to go to, or even which city I should be looking at.

Senum: Well, what time of the year will you be going to Australia?

Shawn: I'm thinking of going between November and February.

Senum: Oh, that's a great season. It's very hot then.

Shawn: Yeah, I expected that it would be summer down there.

Senum: It is.

Shawn: So which cities would you recommend for, well, a good atmosphere, or a good university?

Senum: Um, I would recommend in Melbourne for sure, only because I'm from Melbourne, and the weather is actually pretty nice in Melbourne. It's not that hot at, during the day, and it's not that cold at nighttime. One of the main universities in Melbourne is Monash University. It's well know for it's business courses. Um, it's a little bit expensive but if you, you can also receive scholarships from Monash.

Shawn: Well, Monash, um, I'm actually interested with something to do with architecture, so I mean, I look at the Sydney Opera House, and I'm wondering if there's anything that would teach me architecture, just kind of like, how they designed the Opera House.

Senum: I see. RMIT is well know for architecture course so, I would suggest RMT, for sure, in Melbourne.

Shawn: RUMIT. Great I'll look it up when I get there.

Senum: Alright.

Shawn: Um, you said that Monash University was expensive, but how about RIT?

Senum: RMIT

Shawn: RMIT?

Senum: Yes.

Shawn: Ah, how much is that per year?

Senum: Um, it's not as expensive as Monash. RMIT is located in the city so it's easy to get by through trams and trains and buses, and it's not that expensive for transportation and housing is pretty cheap, especially if you do homestay, you'll find that it will be really cheap, um, good luck.

Shawn: Great. Does RMIT have a web site that I can look at?

Senum: It does. Just go to

Shawn: Alright. I'll get that.