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Brett: Hey, Shawn, how are classes going?

Shawn: Well, it's exam time right now, and you know what, I really think I'm going to fail this one class.

Brett: Why is that?

Shawn: Well, it's not any of my fault. It's actually, I think that the teacher doesn't like me.

Brett: He doesn't like you. What do you mean?

Shawn: It's kind of strange, I mean, I go up and I ask him and he disagrees with me and but he actually takes personal offense to what I say.

Brett: Personal offense.

Shawn: Which is funny, right.

Brett: What do you mean?

Shawn: Like, I'll give you an example. I went up because I didn't get a question on my homework right, and I asked him why I didn't get any marks for it, and the question in the book, asked you for your own opinion, so I did write my own opinion, but when I went up to talk to him about the question he said that what I had written wasn't in the book so I got no points for it.

Shawn: So what's the point of asking for your own opinion?

Brett: See, that's the funny part. I don't know.

Shawn: What about you? How are your classes going?

Brett: My classes are going OK. Right now I'm really just working on my thesis, and it's taking me a long time to gather all the materials, resources, and go through all the readings, but it's going OK, I think.

Shawn: How many pages do you have to write for your thesis?

Brett: I probably have to write about twenty pages, or so, and I have to survey, about a thousand people and it's taking me a lot of time to analyze all that data.

Shawn: Twenty pages, that's not, is that double space or single space?

Brett: That's double space.

Shawn: So that's not that much.

Brett: Yeah, it's about 10,000 words, or so.

Shawn: Well, I hope you do well and good luck to your research.

Brett: Thank you.