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One of my hobbies is running. I really like running because first of all it's very cheap.
It doesn't cost you any money. You can do it anywhere, for example, on a city street
and it's a healthy hobby. If you run a lot, maybe three or four times a week, you will
definitely stay in shape.

My favorite time go running is in the morning because in the morning it's nice and quiet,
peaceful outside. You can see the sun coming up. Feel the cool air on your face, and
of course you can hear birds chirping, sometimes a rooster crowing. It's just a really cool
time to be outside.

Whenever possible, I try to run outside in nature. It's best for you body to run on dirt,
so if you can find a dirt trail, or maybe a wide open space of dirt that's usually the place
to run because running a lot on concrete, or pavement will hurt your knees.

Like I said, running is very, very cheap, but you should invest money in a good pair of
running shoes. A good pair of running shoes will make it easier and less painful to run
and can save you a lot of damage on your body, especially your knees.

When you run it's very important to drink lots of water. You should drink a lot of
water before you run, perhaps 500 milligrams (ml), and then maybe you should drink
a little when you run if you run for more than 30 minutes. And then of course you should
drink some water as soon as you finish your run to re hydrate your body if you don't,
you'll get really bad headaches.

Naturally, stretching is very important, but most people actually stretch before they run.
Often this isn't as important as stretching after you run. I like to stretch after I run because
it helps your muscles build up quicker and recuperate, and um, you'll just feel really good.