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Todd: So, Steven, what do you like to do in your free time?

Steven: Um, free time. Well, I would just love to have some free time, occasionally I have some free time and well,
I love to go hiking. Ah, I live in Japan in Kyuushuu and there are some beautiful mountains quite nearby to where
I live so sometimes I go, I go hiking in the mountains.

Todd: Well, actually, I love hiking and I am new to Kyuushuu (Right) I just moved here, so can you tell me
where I should go hiking. What are the best spots?

Steven: Right, well, there's one range of mountains in Kuju. One of the mountains is called Nakadake, which
means central peak, I believe, and that is actually the highest, the highest peak, the highest mountain on
mainland Kyuushuu. There is one higher mountain on an island near Kagoshima but on mainland Kyuushuu
that's the highest peak and it's quite a challenge and there are some beautiful views from that mountain.

Todd: Wow! Is it a day hike? Can I hike it in one day?

Steven: Oh, sure. It takes about three hours to go up and the descent takes about two hours.
It takes about two hours to come back down.

Todd: Oh, that's great well, we live on Beppu and Beppu is on the coast. It's on the ocean, so how can
I get to the mountain. Unfortunately, I don't have a car, so can I take the train or a bus?

Steven: Um, I'm not absolutely sure. I've only ever been by car myself. Um, I don't believe there's a train that
stops by the mountain but you can certainly get closer than you are now by train, and then you can perhaps
take a bus or even a taxi from a town closer by. I don't know. I'm sorry.

Todd: Oh, that's OK. Well, you know, I've never done it before, but I hear that it's safe
to hitchhike in Japan. Is that true?

Steven: Oh, absolutely. Yep. Yep. The crime rate in Japan is so low. You'd have to be incredibly
unlucky to have any problems hitchhiking

Todd: And will people stop and pick me up?

Steven: Ah, that I don't know.

Todd: Maybe I'll have to give it a try. OK, thanks a lot.

Steven: You're welcome.