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So, what did you do today?
Well, actually, I got up this morning quite early. I
couldn't sleep so I was a little bit annoyed and
then I went to church and I had some lunch and..
OK, but, you said early, like how early?
Well, I think it was about 7 o'clock.
That's not early.
That is early if you went to bed at 1.
That's true. That's sleeping in for me.
That's sleeping in. That's true. You're an early
bird aren't you?
Now, last night we went out and had the beers.
I was actually quite happy this morning.
I had no hangover.

Did you not? (No) I felt a little bit queasy this morning,
and I was a bit ashamed, and I didn't even drink very
much. I wasn't, I didn't feel queasy. I think is was more
that I hadn't had any sleep actually.
Yeah, did you feel guilty in church knowing
that you still had the beer buzz?

No. I didn't feel guilty about that.
Yeah, that would be tough one. No, I still got
up this morning at 5:45.

You must be a lunatic.

Well, I mean when the light comes up and the
light goes through your window, I don't know
how people can still sleep. You know?

You can sleep when the light, the
sunrise still comes up?

Yeah, not for too, I mean I can't sleep forever,
but like, 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock, then my body wakes up.
The apartment I was at before, it was crazy
because there was a rooster outside, and it
didn't do what it was supposed to do, like
normally when the sun comes up, the rooster
is supposed to go, "er-er-er-er" or whatever,
but this thing did it at like 1 and 2 in the morning.
It used to drive me nuts, so I used to always
wake up at 2 because I'd hear this rooster
going "er-er-er" and I just wanted to kill
that bird.

Did you go sleep, back to sleep after that?
Yeah, of course I went back to sleep, but the
bird would wake me up regularly.
Yeah. No roosters here.

That's not funny is it?