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So, Ruth, who is your favorite actor or actress?
Oh, that's a good question. I think it definitely
has to be Ewan McGregor.
Mm, yeah, he's pretty good.
I really, really like him.
Why do you like him?
Well, he's really, really good-looking. I think primarily
I like him because he is so good-looking and he's just
got really nice skin and really nice eyes and nice hair
and so primarily I think it's his looks, although from
what I've read in magazines and things, he seems
like he is a nice guy as well.
What movie did you really enjoy that he made?
Probably Moulin Rouge. That's probably my favorite
because in Moulin Rouge he sings a song called Your
song by Elton John and he sings it to this girl, and I just
think, "Wow, imagine Ewan McGregor singing that song
to you. That would just be absolutely phenomenal." I really
like that, so although he's been in different things but that's
probably my favorite.
Did you see him in Train Spotting?
Yes, I did, yeah.

That's the first time I saw him and I thought that that was just a really good movie.
It's a really good film.
You know when they showed that in the States a
lot of people requested that it had, um,
like transcripts.

No way.
Yeah, because the English was so difficult for
American people to understand.

That's really funny.
Isn't that funny.
Yeah, so, it's funny though cause now Ewan
McGregor is Obi-One.

That's true.
In the Star Wars movies.
No, I'm not a Star Wars fan, actually but I would probably
watch it just for Ewan McGregor.
Have you seen him in the other two?
I just saw it, him in the first one.
Oh, really. Oh, yeah, he does a pretty good job.
Yeah, he's good, he's good.