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I am going to talk about the time that I have spent in Germany and also in France. I did a degree in French and German and as part of my degree it was compulsory to spend one year abroad. I decided to go to Germany because my German was not as good as my French. When I got to Germany I found that people were really hospitable. People often invited me out and they invited me to their houses and they would often take me out to different places and sometimes we would go to cafes and have coffee and cake. Some of my German friends used to think that British people have coffee, sorry have tea and cake and scones at 4 o'clock every day. I think that's really funny because I don't know anybody in Britain who has tea and scones and cake at 4 o'clock everyday. One day when I was in Germany, I went for a walk. I lived in a village and I went just for a wonder about really and I found myself in France and I was really surprised because I didn't know that I was living quite so close to the border, and that year really, I really fell in love with France and Germany. I love croissants, and I've got some really good friends in France, and I also have a pen friend. I think I also like the French weather because it seems, it seems to be so much warmer, and sunnier than the weather in Britain, so I really like that too.