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Um, Ruth, what is something you are afraid of?
Like snakes, spiders, rats?
Probably sharks.
I know that sounds quite irrational, especially
when I don't live near the sea but just the thought
of being eaten by a shark. It's horrific. I really,
really, I'm frightened of sharks.
Have you ever seen a shark?
I think I'd run a mile.
Um, I don't know really what I'm afraid of, I guess,
I don't like heights too much. Yeah, so. I have to
admit that when I'm on a plane I get kind of freaked
out, when I fly, yeah. You think, "How is this thing
staying in the air?". You know?

You're always happy to land.
Yeah, yeah. Always, always, very happy to land,
and often when I go home I have to fly across the
Pacific and there's no land so you look out your
window and you think, "Ah, if something goes
wrong with the plane we can't land anymore,
but that's very irrational because most accidents
I think happen over mountains, so.

I think so. Although if you landed in the sea,
then there might be sharks.
That's true.
How do you feel when you fly?
I quite like flying actually. I quite like it. I mean
I'm quite used to flying. I've flown to a lot of places.
If it's a long haul flight, i guess it's a bit boring, but
I like the handheld computer you get to play with.
Yeah, those are nice.
They're good.
Now, you're a vegetarian so what's the food like?
Oh, well the last time I flew I didn't get any
vegetarian food. I think I forgot to tell them,
so I had to eat the chicken, whatever.
Really, you actually ate the chicken?
No, I didn't eat it. I didn't eat it.
I just had it in front of me.
Yeah, I heard that the vegetarian
meal are actually better than the
chicken or beef meal.

Really, they're quite good, I mean when I've
had then in the past they've been quite good.
Well, here's to not seeing any
sharks in the future.