#62 Weather
James talks about the day's weather.
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Todd: Hey, James!

James: Yeah!

Todd: Let's talk about seasons.

James: OK.

Todd: James, what is your favorite season?

James: My favorite season is spring.

Todd: Yeah, why is that?

James: Because it's not so cold but it's not so hot that I'm sweating on the train. I can go to the beach. I can relax with my friends outside. It's very nice.

Todd: OK. What is your least favorite season?

James: My least favorite season in Japan is the rainy season ...because I don't like rain at all.

Todd: OK. What season are we in right now?

James: Right now it is the very end of winter. It is just starting to become spring.

Todd: What's the weather like today?

James: Today, it's very sunny. It's a little cool. A little breezy. It's very nice. I enjoy it.