#504 Family Characters
Ruth discusses the personalities in her family.
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Akane: Hey, Ruth.

Ruth: Hi, Akane

Akane: So we've been talking about your family a little bit. Um, I'd like to know a little bit more about the specific people in your family.

Ruth: Sure

Akane: So who is the funniest person in your family?

Ruth: The funniest person! Probably my mom actually. She's really funny. She's got a really good sense of humor, and she plays tricks on people, and she's really silly but everybody in my family has a good sense of humor.

Akane: Oh, good. Now who is the most serious person in your family?

Ruth: Serious. Do you know, actually, I don't think anybody in my family is serious.

Akane: Oh, really.

Ruth: I don't think we have any very serious members.

Akane: Do you think that's a good thing or a bad thing?

Ruth: I think it's a good thing although occasionally, I think it's a bad thing.

Akane: Right! Now who is the hardest worker?

Ruth: Oh, can I say me?

Akane: Sure

Ruth: No, I don't think that's true actually. Well, both of my parents work very hard, and they both have very different jobs, but they both work very hard and always have done.

Akane: Well, parents do tend to be hardworking.

Ruth: That's true, yeah!

Akane: And who is the most generous person in your whole family?

Ruth: My brother is really generous and he makes me feel bad because he's so generous in buying me things and giving me things, and I would say my brother.

Akane: Really, what's the last thing he bought you.

Ruth: Ah, that's a good question. He bought me some clothes actually before I came to Japan.

Akane: And who do you talk with the most in your family?

Ruth: All of them really, but I suppose deep down I maybe talk to my mom the most. I tell her most things.

Akane: Really! What kind of things do you tell her?

Ruth: Just everything that's going off in my life, really ,because she's a really good friend to me so, I'm just very open with her, and she's open with me.

Akane: That's excellent. Who do you resemble the most in your family?

Ruth: Some people say I look like me mom and some people say I look like my dad but most people say I look like my brother, so maybe my brother.

Akane: Your brother.

Ruth: Yeah.

Akane: Do you have a picture of him?

Ruth: I do have one, yes. I'll show you later.

Akane: I'll look forward to that.

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