#509 Day Trip
Ruth and Akane talk about their day.
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Ruth: Hey Akane, didn’t we have a really good time in the city in Oita last weekend?

Akane: Yeah we had a great time. I’m glad we went.

Ruth: Oh me too. It was so good! You know, I thought it was really good to get out of this small town. It was really good to go somewhere bigger.

Akane: Definitely. I really like big cities.

Ruth: And wasn’t it good that we managed to get some shopping done?

Akane: Definitely. I think we got a little carried away though.

Ruth: Possibly yeah, possibly. What did you buy again?

Akane: I bought a new skirt and I’m wearing it right now.

Ruth: Oh of course, yeah. Oh it looks really nice.

Akane: Do you like it?

Ruth: Yeah, yeah. Is this the first time you’ve worn it?

Akane: It is actually.

Ruth: And did you buy anything else?

Akane: Erm I think I bought a new CD.

Ruth: That’s right you did. Yes and we also bought a few things from the 100 yen shop didn’t we?

Akane: We did.

Ruth: Yeah it was a good day.

Akane: Did you really like the 100 yen shop?

Ruth: It was fantastic! You know that’s the biggest 100 yen shop that I’ve ever been to!

Akane: Me too. Five floors! Can you believe it?

Ruth: I know, it’s fantastic! I seem to remember we were in there for about 2 hours, were we?

Akane: 2 hours. I think you’re right.

Ruth: I think we were in there for quite a long time.

Akane: We were. We were really enjoying ourselves in there.

Ruth: But it was worthwhile.

Akane: Definitely. What did you buy?

Ruth: Oh that’s a good question. Yeah I think I bought a t-shirt didn’t ?

Akane: Yeah I think you did.

Ruth: Yeah it was really nice. I bought a t-shirt and I bought a dictionary.

Akane: Oh that’s right, your dictionary! Have you used it yet?

Ruth: Erm I’ve used it a couple of times but maybe not as much as I should have.

Akane: Well hopefully it will help you to study Japanese.

Ruth: Oh I’m hoping so.

Akane: It was quite a big dictionary.

Ruth: Yeah, yeah it was expensive so…

Akane: How much was it again?

Ruth: It was three and a half thousand yen, three thousand five hundred.

Akane: So that’s about35 dollars.

Ruth: Yeah, 35 dollars. That’s a lot for me.

Akane: It is for me too.

Ruth: Really?

Akane: But books are important.

Ruth: Absolutely. Don’t you think we should go back to Oita sometime?

Akane: Definitely. When do you want to go next?

Ruth: Why don’t we go next weekend?

Akane: That’s a great idea and we can do some more shopping.

Ruth: Brilliant! Ok, let’s do that next weekend

Akane: Ok.

© Todd Beuckens