#510 The Haircut
Ruth talk to Akane about her new hairstyle.
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Akane: Hi Ruth

Ruth: Hi

Akane: Hey did you get a new hair cut?

Ruth: Yeah I did actually.

Akane: Wow, it looks really nice!

Ruth: Oh you like it? Thanks.

Akane: It’s shorter than before.

Ruth: Yeah, it’s quite a lot shorter actually.

Akane: So where did you get it cut?

Ruth: Oh it’s quite an interesting story. I went to a hairdresser just down the road. I saw a sign outside and it said that they were offering cheap haircuts so I went in there.

Akane: Oh, ok well, how cheap was it?

Ruth: Erm, well it was 1500 yen which is about £7.50.

Akane: Oh right, ok. So are you pleased with your new haircut?

Ruth: Erm, yeah, I am pleased. I’m pleased that it’s shorter and it’s better than it would have been if I had done it myself and I’m also pleased that it was cheap, but its not exactly what I was looking for.

Akane: Oh, so, would you go there again?

Ruth: Erm, probably not!

Akane: No? Well, what kind of person cut your hair?

Ruth: Oh it was quite interesting. Erm, it was really, it was quite a dirty hairdressers really.

Akane: Oh no, dirty!

Ruth: Well it was kind of a bit greasy and everybody in there…well, it was full of old men and I was the only girl in there.

Akane: Oh, ok

Ruth: And the haircut took probably 7 minutes.

Akane: Wow, that’s really fast!

Ruth: Yeah, exactly and they didn’t wash my hair or anything, so…

Akane: Oh no!

Ruth: But it was cheap and you know I like bargains so it wasn’t too bad.

Akane: So there were a lot of old men there and no women?

Ruth: That’s right.

Akane: So was it a barber?

Ruth: I hope not! I hope I didn’t make the mistake of going into a barber but there was a woman in there cutting hair and she cut my hair

Akane: Oh that’s a good sign.

Ruth: Yeah that was a good sign.

Akane: So do you think your haircut will last until you have to go back to England?

Ruth: Well I’m hoping so. It is quite short; it’s a lot shorter than it was before so hopefully it will.

Akane: Ok, well I really like it.

Ruth: Oh that’s really nice of you, thanks! Well, if you get your haircut don’t go there!

Akane: Ok, good advice!

© Todd Beuckens