#517 World Resident
Carla discusses the many places she has lived.
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Todd: Hello, can you introduce yourself please.

Carla: Hi, my name is Carla Edes. And where I'm from is a little difficult, because I grew up in Canada. But then I moved to Africa. Then I moved to England, and now I've been living in Japan for fourteen years.

Todd: Wow. That's amazing you've been on four continents.

Carla: Yes, four continents.

Todd: Why did you grow up in Canada?

Carla: In Canada, I grew up in Vancouver.

Todd: Oh cool West Coast.

Carla: West Coast. Very nice place.

Todd: See that's why I like you, cuz I'm from San Francisco. I'm also a West Coast person.

Carla: Ah, that's why our accents are similar.

Todd: Very similar, yes.

Carla: Ya

Todd: Ya very interesting. So what's it like growing up in Vancouver?

Carla: Wonderful. It's got mountains for skiing and hiking. And I went to UBC, so I had, I was right there, could do all those lovely things. Leave school on Friday night, ski all weekend, get back to school seven o'clock Monday morning.

Todd: Wow, sounds fun. Now, UBC is University of British Columbia?

Carla: Right.

Todd: OK, is that the major university in British Columbia?

Carla: Yes.

Todd: OK. What did you study at university?

Carla: Biology

Todd: Biology? Did you ever want to become a biologist?

Carla: I actually wanted to become a doctor.

Todd: OK.

Carla: And then I got foiled in that. So then I studied, I did research in the biology department there. Then I went to England where I met my husband. Then he went out to Africa. So he wrote me a letter saying “come to Africa”. So I wrote him a letter back saying “OK , get me a job”. So he did.

Todd: What was your job in Africa?

Carla: Teaching, that's when I started teaching.

Todd: Wow. Sounds romantic.

Carla: Ya quite romantic. But the really romantic thing was, we got married. When we got married, we got married in Ghana. And we put all our worldly possessions on the back of our motorbike which was sauce pans and a bed roll and a few pieces of clothes. And we motorbiked across Togo and across what was then Dohomi, but is now Benin into Nigeria.

Todd: Wow

Carla: That's romantic, don't you think?

Todd: Yes, very much so.

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