#520 Favorite Actor
Kate talks about her favorite movie actor.
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Todd: So, Kate, are you into movies?

Kate: Erm yeah, I watch them from time to time.

Todd: What actors or actresses do you like?

Kate: My favourite actor would be Brad Pitt.

Todd: Really, Brad Pitt? Now is that because he’s handsome or because he’s a good actor?

Kate: Erm, he’s handsome but he’s actually a very good actor. I like him because he is very well respected in Hollywood. You look at the other actors and they’ve all had these scandals: drinking scandals, drug scandals but I haven’t heard of anything about Brad Pitt.

Todd: That’s true actually, when you come to think of it I never have. What’s a movie that he was in that you really like?

Kate: Mm Oceans Eleven. That was a very very good movie.

Todd: Yeah, any other movies that you really liked?

Kate: I can’t think of the names right now but he has a recent movie out called ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ and it’s with Angelina Jolie. Did you hear about that? They heard….Angelina Jolie is said to have been with Brad Pitt while they were making the movie, although Brad Pitt is supposed to have been with Jennifer Anniston.

Todd: Right so they’re married, right?

Kate: Yes, they were.

Todd: They were married?

Kate: They separated.

Todd: But they’re not divorced?

Kate: Not divorced, no.

Todd: Oh ok, no I didn’t know that. So as a Brad Pitt fan who do you think is more his type? Mrs Jolie or Mrs Anniston?

Kate: I prefer Jennifer Anniston because she’s more calm and more… they seem like they could have a nice little family together but Angelina Jolie, she’s very wild and keeps partying and…

Todd: Yeah they do seem like they’re different, that’s true.

Kate: Yeah, very different.

Todd: What is it about Brad Pitt’s features that you think make him attractive?

Kate: I like his smile and his eyes. That’s generally what I go for.

Todd: So in a guy you look for a nice smile and nice eyes?

Kate: Definitely. From first look, first impression, definitely the smile and eyes. If they stand out I will go for them.

Todd: Oh very interesting. Ok, thanks

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