#521 Kiwi Kid
Kate talks about life growing up.
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Todd: So Kate, can you talk about growing up in New Zealand, what it’s like?

Kate: Growing up in New Zealand is very free. Kids have a lot more freedom that kids in other countries: we can.. obviously we go to school from 5 years and until 16 years old you must go to school, but when we come home from school there’s our parents there. They’re very loving and caring, in general that is. And we have a lot of lawns, a lot of scenery, landscapes that we can run around on.

Todd: What kind of things did you do when you were little, like games and sports?

Kate: Sports.

Todd: Oh sports, what sports?

Kate: I started off with ballet and I got really bored with ballet. I went to gymnastics and that was my main sport when I was growing up.

Todd: Oh wow you were a gymnast? What events did you do?

Kate: Events? Well you have levels: competition levels, so you start from level 3 and I went up to level 7 and next level would have been very competitive, it’s called ‘junior elite’. Had I continued I would have probably stopped school and concentrated on gymnastics only.

Todd: When you were younger was your dream to go to the Olympics?

Kate: Yes definitely.

Todd: Oh ok. So do you ever - because you’re still very young - do you ever practise gymnastics still?

Kate: Yes I do actually. At the university that I go to I joined the club which is not gym but it’s kind of dance and I can still do some of the stuff I used to be able to do.

Todd: As you get older have you ever thought about becoming a coach?

Kate: Yes, I did think about it but it’s not a reality any more. I’ve forgotten so many things already. Just teaching for fun.

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