#686 Cool Comedians
Ken and Wendi talk about famous comedians in the United States.
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Wendi: Alright, we've been watching some comedy lately. I wanna know who your favorite comic is?

Ken: My favorite comic? It's a draw between Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

Wendi: Is Chris Rock really like, is he still doing something?

Ken: No, he really hasn't done anything recently, but still like, yeah, he's pretty, a pretty funny guy.

Wendi: He it totally funny.

Ken: He's hard to top.

Wendi: When is the last time he was totally working a lot, though?

Ken: It's gotta be maybe five years ago.

Wendi: Yeah, it's been awhile.

Ken: Yeah. Now he's like... I don't even know what he does anymore. Maybe he's an actor now.

Wendi: He's flipping burgers.

Ken: Yeah, he has to feed his family.

Wendi: Yeah, what about Dave Chappele? What's his deal? He's kind of?

Ken: Dave Chapelle?

Wendi: He's still working?

Ken: Yeah. Maybe. He was really popular a couple of years ago when he was doing the Chapelle Show, a couple of his stand-ups came out, but...

Wendi: Is that finished?

Ken: He...which?

Wendi: The Chappelle Show.

Ken: It's taking a break or something. What I heard was that he went crazy and he like checked himself into an insane asylum.

Wendi: For serious. For real.

Ken: Like all the pressure from work was getting to him and stuff. Like he just wanted break.

Wendi: That's so amazing.

Ken: Or he ran off to Africa or something.

Wendi: You know what, that is just incredible because, it's like you know, the whole grass is greener concept. It's like, you think if you're a comedian and you're making people laugh all day and you're on stage and you're laughing too that you're probably having fun but at the end of the day, I guess work's work.

Ken: Yeah, work's work and he was doing, like he mentioned in stand-up he was working maybe 16, 18, 20 hours a day.

Wendi: Really!

Ken: Yeah, so even like hard to study...

Wendi: What was he doing for 20 hours a day?

Ken: Uh, like just doing his show. Like I guess it takes a lot of preparation and...

Wendi: That's crazy.

Ken: Even with all the help in the world, I guess he's still, you know, you have to make it quality, so it takes time and effort.

Wendi: Yeah.

Ken: So, even if it is comedy, it might not be fun twenty hours a day.

Wendi: I guess that's like the funny thing, you just think if someone's a comedian, it just all comes naturally. It's like it all just comes spur of the moment, but I guess the real thing is that a lot of work goes into it.

Ken: Yeah, I think so. Like to be creative on a consistent basis is probably isn't the easiest thing in the world.

Wendi: Yeah. I think so. It sure is for me anyways.

Wendi: Are you a Seinfeild fan?

Ken: Seinfeild...

Wendi: Not really. I'm reading your body language.

Ken: No, I did watch a few episodes, here and there, when it was on TV and I was bored, but...

Wendi: You're not a big fan?

Ken: Like I started watching it after the show ended like you know when everybody was watching the season finale, like I had never really regularly watched the show and I didn't even catch the season finale, but so, me friends were like, "Did you watch it? Did you watch it?" and I'm like, "No."

Wendi: I think it's brilliant. I think it's incredibly brilliant.

Ken: Yeah, it's a good show.

Wendi: Yeah.


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